Debugging tools for network application developers

Calaveras Technologies builds simple but creative tools to help visualize networks and debug network software. They are written using modern approaches and open source and free or cost a fraction of what other tools cost. For businesses and open source developers.

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SNMPSniffer v1.0 released Open source

March 2015

SNMPSniffer is a tool with a graphical interface to sniff SNMP packets over the network. The results might be saved into a file. SNMP commands can be optionally run from the interface.

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JSNMPWalker v2.6 released Open source

August 2014

JSNMPWalker is a Java Swing application to run multiple SNMP sessions simultaneously. The results might be saved into a file.

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Netplayback application is designed to visualize data logs obtained from SNMP commands on multiple devices in a network, as a function of time. It can be used for visualization and debugging purposes, as a movie-like format is convenient for visualization.

The application is able to handle data for big networks consisting of hundreds of devices and nodes.

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