Current version v1.1     Changelog

Netplayback application is designed to visualize data logs obtained from SNMP commands on multiple devices in a network, as a function of time. It can be used for visualization and debugging purposes, as a movie-like format is convenient for visualization.

The application is able to handle data for big networks consisting of hundreds of devices and nodes.

When to Use

  • Debugging big networks
  • Debugging a number of SNMP commands
  • Debugging SNMP walks with a number of nodes
  • Need to look through big logs with SNMP command output
  • Need to figure out which SNMP commands, devices and OID fail
  • Need to "replay" results of SNMP commands

System Requirements

For more details, see Netplayback Documentation


Platform Package
32-bit 64-bit
Windows logo Windows
Linux logo Linux netplayback-linux32-v1.1.tar.gz netplayback-linux64-v1.1.tar.gz
OS X logo Mac OS X   netplayback-mac64-v1.1.tar.gz

Product Documentation

To read about the product Installation, Running, Features, FAQ visit Netplayback Documentation


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Current version v1.0

SNMPSniffer is a tool with a graphical interface to sniff SNMP packets over the network. The results might be saved into a file. SNMP commands can be optionally run from the interface.


  • Run in Google Chrome or Forefox browsers
  • Filters by ip, port, direction
  • Both requests and responses are displayed and can be saved into a file
  • An option to run SNMP commands from the interface
  • The application uses the node_pcap library. Please, refer to the node_pcap github repository for the source code and details.

System Requirements

  • Operating systems: Linux, OS X (Mac)
  • Packet capturing software installed, such as libpcap (libpcap-dev or such for Linux, OS X has it installed by default)
  • Installation requires Node.js, npm and node-gyp installed
  • Running the application requires administrative (sudo) privileges


Platform Package
Linux logo Linux snmpsniffer-linux-v1.0.tar.gz
OS X logo Mac OS X snmpsniffer-mac-v1.0.tar.gz


Current version v2.6     I run Java 6 or below

JSNMPWalker is a Java Swing application to run multiple SNMP sessions simultaneously. The results might be saved into a file.


  • Performing multiple SNMP commands on multiple IP nodes simultaneously. IPv4 and IPv6, SNMP 1, 2c and 3 supported.
    • Scanning and discovering network devices
    • Loading MIB files. The application uses the Mibble library to parse MIB files. Please, refer to the Mibble web site and the Mibble github repository for the source code and details.
    • Defining SNMP commands, IP nodes and OIDs manually or from the lists of devices and MIBs. The information is stored as a tree.
    • Storing and retrieving trees and SNMP options as a configuration file.
  • Printing the information about requests and responses to a panel, with a search option.
  • Saving the information about requests and responses into a text file.

The uniquness of the application is that it shows both requests and responses, and shows errors in the walks, hence being useful for debugging purposes of networking software.

System Requirements


Platform Package
Windows logo Windows jsnmpwalker-windows-v2.6.msi
Linux logo Linux jsnmpwalker-linux-v2.6.tar.gz
OS X logo Mac OS X jsnmpwalker-mac-v2.6.tar.gz

Donwload as a .jar file


Running the .jar File

  • Copy the application into a location of your choice. Open a terminal session and go to the folder where you copied the .jar file.
  • Run in the command line:
    > java -jar JSNMPWalker-<version number>.jar

Bug reports, development and open source contributions

JSNMPWalker is an open source tool released under a GPLv3 license. The source code is located at the JSNMPWalker github repository.

Fork the repository

If you find any problem with the application or have feature suggestions, please, don't hesitate to submit them. If you want to contribute code or fix a bug, clone the repository and submit a pull request. Your contributions are always welcome!